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Our Online Platform Is Made To Save You Time, So You Can Focus On Your Business.


We Understand That Running A Business Is Hard, So We Keep Our Prices Low.


Our Software Has Everything You Need To Pay Your Employees Successfully.

Pay your employees and contractor with smart technology.

Automatic State And Federal Tax Filing

Payroll tax will be automatically paid upon submission of employee hours and compensation

Easy to Read Reports

All your payroll details can be found in your Zeffry reports, displaying payroll tax, gross pay and net pay.

Benefits and Special Payments

Our payroll covers sick pay, PTO, bonuses, as well as 401k, 2% shareholder health insurance and more.

Onboarding Made Simple

Zeffry also provides assistance with hiring such as drafting offer letters and e-signing hiring documents.

Customer Service Ready to Help

We have live specialists ready to help you get the most out of Zeffry Payroll. Get in touch with us now!

Three Easy Steps of Payroll


Enter Employee Compensation

Log into your company portal and click “Run Payroll”, and enter the compensation for each employee that needs to be paid for that period.


Confirmed Entry Is Correct

Double check your entries, review your tax and gross payments to make sure everything checks out.


Submit And You’re Done!

If everything looks good, click “submit” and you’re done! Your employees will greatly appreciate you!

I've run a small business for over 20 years, it’s no easy job. That’s why we created Zeffry, it will ease some work on the Business Owners.

Kelsey T.

Co-founder of Zeffry

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