We Know Small Businesses Are Hard

A message from our Co-founder Kelsey Tang: “Having owned a small business for over 20 years, I know running one is not easy. It’s rare for owners to focus on doing what they are good at without also keeping up with labor laws and ensuring taxes are paid correctly. Business owners shouldn’t need in-depth knowledge in Payroll and HR to follow their passion. So our mission is to make affordable Payroll and HR services easily accessible to all small business owners.”

Our History

Our Co-founders, Kelsey Tang and Charlie Chen are owners of a traditional accountancy practice that offers payroll, accounting and tax services. Over the years, they notice that their work has helped many small business owners to save money and have more confidence in their operations. As a result, they decided to scale their services and to offer it to more individuals. Hence the birth of Zeffry, a web payroll platform at the convenience of our digital devices. We pride ourselves on the outstanding solutions that we offer and the feeling of satisfaction our clients receive. Join us now at Zeffry!

Our Principles


Get In Right

Solutions that work and functional to perfection.


Client Support

We don’t only provide a service, we provide satisfaction.


Innovative Solutions

Businesses shape the world and we make it easy to do so.


Community Is Strength

Relationships cultivate passion; the recipe for greatness.


Above & Beyond

We exist to be better than yesterday.

Our Leaders

Charlie Chen

CEO of Zeffry

As a President of Zeffry, Charlie makes strategic decisions that facilitate the growth and maintain the integrity of Zeffry. He takes charge in directing the technological development of the platform and makes sure it meets the needs of small business owners. Along with being a Ph.D Professional, Charlie also derives his experience from being a significant stakeholder of two China-based companies, both in the process of obtaining IPOs. His mission is to connect professional Payroll and HR services with small business owners who need it.

Kelsey Tang

CFO of Zeffry

Graduated from Brigham Young University, Kelsey has worked as a CPA in multiple states since 1995. She began her own accountancy practice in New Jersey in 2001 and is now leading in the financial development of Zeffry, ensuring all areas of the platform meets federal and state requirements, and provides accurate solutions. She has expertise in business formation, payroll compilation, and IRS negotiation and settlement. She takes pride in growing Zeffry to new heights.

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